Mission Statement:

“Ornelas & Morris CPA’s P.C.is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality accounting service in the areas of Audition, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, General Management Services, and more to our clients across the country. We pledge to be available to provide any accounting services that our clients may ever need.”   


Company Values:

Friendly & Personable – We strive to maintain healthy and friendly relationships with all who interact with us.

Punctual – We understand that deadlines in the accounting world are very important. We are committed to being punctual in all meetings, appointments, and deadlines.

Competent – We are committed to lifelong learning to ensure that we stay competent in our field.

Integrity – We believe that it is important to follow through with our commitments and to uphold our values in any circumstances.


Our Story:

Ornelas & Morris CPA’s P.C. was originally known as Alfred H. Klein, founded in 1960 by Mr. Alfred H. Klein after he moved to Tulsa from New York City. After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a degree in accounting, Steve Ornelas began working for Mr. Klein in 1977 after beginning his accounting career with various Oil & Gas companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. After Mr. Klein passed away in 1982, both Tom Morris and Steve Ornelas bought the firm from the estate of Mr. Klein. Both Mr. Morris and Mr. Ornelas worked with each other until the late 1990’s, when Mr. Morris decided to start a home building company. Mr. Ornelas has sinced grown the practice and has very much enjoyed working with his clients, some of whom have been with the firm for 50 years. Ornelas & Morris CPA’s P.C. works with clients across multiple industries including manufacturing, retail, construction, medical, and more. If you need accounting assistance, please contact our firm today to give us the opportunity to serve you.