Critical and There When You Need Them

Has your Tulsa CPA been available to answer your questions at a critical time for you? Is it hard to schedule an appointment with your Tulsa CPA? Are you feeling like just another number when you try to contact your Tulsa CPA? All of these issues should not happen. When you do business with Ornelas & Morris CPAs, PC you are treated with kindness and respect. We will always answer your questions and address any concerns you may have regarding our work. Call us at 918-665-6420 to schedule your appointment to come in and speak to us.

Maybe customer service is lacking at your present accounting firm. We, here, at Ornelas & Morris CPAs, PC take great pride in our customer service. With your cooperation, we complete the work you give us in a timely manner. When your information is in our office in a timely manner, we can produce the work on time for any deadlines. Should you have questions about the work, or do not understand something regarding the work we completed, there would be time to go over it and still meet the deadline. Scheduling an appointment does not take an act of Congress here! In most cases, you can have a same day appointment. During tax season you may have to wait a day but usually same day is possible.

If you are unsure of the type of service you need, call us and we can discuss what your needs are. Following is a list of our most popular services: Write–up, financial statements, payroll, payroll taxes, individual tax returns, corporate tax returns, partnership tax returns, franchise tax returns, estate tax returns, sales tax returns, audits, reviews, personal property renditions and management consulting. Again, if you don’t see what your need, just call us at 918-665-6420.

How do we compare to other accounting firms, you may ask. Our office has been in the Tulsa area for 35 years. We have many clients that have been with us for that long. We always try and meet all of our clients accounting needs. We are here to help them achieve their accounting goals, whatever those goals may be. If we can answer your questions by phone, we are happy to do so. If a lengthy conversation or explanation is necessary, you may have to come in for an appointment. Whatever the means, we are here for our clients. Maybe you can’t decide if you should be incorporated. We can help you with that decision and do the necessary paperwork to make it happen.

Our office is located in the Shadow Mountain Office Complex at 5840 S Memorial Drive, Suite 315, Tulsa, OK 74145. Our phone number is 918-665-6420. There is covered parking and plenty of outside parking in front of the building and in back of the building. If you park in back of the building, you will have easier access to our office. Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8-5 and may vary during tax season.