Customer Service is Big For Us at Ornelas & Morris CPAs

Does your present Tulsa CPA meet all of your accounting needs? Is your accounting work prepared on a timely basis by your Tulsa CPA? Do you have problems scheduling an appointment with your Tulsa CPA? If any or all of the above are issues for you, maybe a new accounting firm would be what you need. Ornelas & Morris CPAs, PC has been in business over 30 years and we can help you with all of your accounting needs. We can get you back on track with your accounting, if that seems to have been a problem in the past. Call us at 918-665-6420 to schedule an appointment.

If you are thinking of changing accountants, is one of the reasons being poor customer service? You don’t have to worry about that with Ornelas & Morris CPAs, PC. We pride ourselves on great customer service. When a client brings his information to us in a timely manner, we will produce the work timely. With this procedure in place, we both can obtain a good result. We don’t want you to be stressed wondering when your accounting will be finished. We appreciate having the time not to rush through the work. It is a win, win situation for all concerned.

All clients have different needs. We have three packages available that may fit your accounting needs. We can also customize one, if you prefer, to meet certain criteria that you may have. Some of the services we offer are as follows: monthly bookkeeping, payroll, preparation of payroll tax returns as well as payment of payroll taxes, personal property renditions, sales tax returns, franchise tax returns, estate tax returns, non-profit returns, financial statements, audits, reviews, individual income tax returns, corporate income tax returns, partnership tax returns and management consulting. If you don’t see what you need in the above list, call us to see if we can help you.

We are different from other accounting firms for various reasons. One of the most important we talked about previously……….customer service. Without excellent customer service, there cannot be a good working relationship. Having your work prepared on a timely basis and friendly people to deal with, make our firm your next choice. We try and help our client’s in any way we can. If you have your accounting on QuickBooks, you can back it up and email it to us or bring in the backup. We do support QuickBooks.

If you are looking for an accounting firm with excellent customer service and exceptional work ethic,  Ornelas & Morris CPAs, PC is for you! We are located in the Shadow Mountain Office Complex, 5840 S Memorial Drive, Suite 315, Tulsa, OK 74145. Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8-5. Of course, during tax season those hours will vary to meet our client’s schedule. There is covered parking available as well as plenty of outside parking. Parking in the rear of the building will give you easier access to our office. Look forward to seeing you soon!