Excellent Service is Important for Accounting

What are your accounting goals for your Tulsa CPA? Did your Tulsa CPA meet your 2017 accounting goals? Were you less than satisfied with your Tulsa CPA? Perhaps it is time to consider a new Tulsa CPA for 2018. All accounting firms are not the same. If you are not happy with your present arrangement, then call Ornelas & Morris CPAs, PC at 918-665-6420 , to see if we can meet your 2018 accounting goals. You can schedule an appointment in order for us to go over what your accounting needs are, and what in the past has worked, and what has not.

Is customer service important to you? Have you had excellent customer service in the past? If not, you definitely need a change. We pride ourselves on great customer service. We know our clients have a choice of who to go to for their accounting needs. We appreciate they give us the opportunity to take care of all their accounting needs. Our clients come to expect excellent customer service from us. It is the way we do business. Everyone deserves, and should expect, great customer service from an accounting firm. We always try to live up to the high standards our clients have placed for us.

Maybe in your search for an accounting firm, you have found some of them have a limited amount of services. To make matters worse, maybe they didn’t want to go outside of their comfort zone. Following is a list of some of the services we provide: monthly bookkeeping, financial statements, payroll, payroll taxes, audits, reviews, franchise tax returns, estate tax returns, individual income tax returns, corporate income tax returns, partnership tax returns, setting up a new corporation and management consulting. If you didn’t find what you are looking for in the list, call us and let’s see if we can help you.

As mentioned previously, we are not the same as all accounting firms. We try to tailor our service to each client’s needs. As an example, some clients need monthly bookkeeping; others may be quarterly or yearly. We listen to what our clients want from us. Perhaps they are thinking of becoming a corporation or forming a partnership. In talking with them, and giving them information as to what may be better for them, they decide to become a corporation. If we didn’t talk it through, they would have formed a partnership which would have been more costly, tax wise, for them.

Call Ornelas & Morris CPAs, PC at 918-665-6420 to schedule your first time, no cost interview. We are located in the Shadow Mountain Office Complex, 5840 S Memorial Drive, Suite 315, Tulsa, OK 74145. Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8-5. During tax season, those hours will vary to meet our client’s schedule. We have covered parking, as well as plenty of outside parking in front and in the back. If you park in the back of the building, you will have easier access to our office. See you Soon!