Meet Your Deadlines With the Right Tulsa CPA Firm

Are you having deadline problems with your current Tulsa CPA? Is customer service not up to par with your present Tulsa CPA? Is location of your Tulsa CPA a problem? If any of these issues are a problem for you, then call Ornelas & Morris CPAs, PC, at 918-665-6420. We can discuss what you expect from an accounting firm and how we can meet your expectations. Maybe you are behind in your accounting work and need someone to get you back on track. We can certainly do that and more. Location should never be a problem. Our location is easy accessible to all major highways.

Customer service is sometimes taken for granted. You expect it, and should receive it, but with many firms you do not. What you would think as something simple and common sense, doesn’t always project that way with many firms. Ornelas & Morris CPAs, PC pride themselves on great customer service and respect for their clients. We have been in busy over 30 plus years, which in itself, many firms cannot say. Obviously, we must be doing something right! We work with you to have your information in our office in a timely manner. In this way, we can prepare your work on time and meet any filing deadlines.

We are not just a bookkeeping service. We offer many services such as: monthly accounting, financial statements, audits, reviews, personal property renditions, franchise tax returns, sales tax returns, individual income tax returns, corporate income tax returns, estate tax returns and management consulting. If there is a service that you require which was not mentioned, please call our office and let us know specifically the service you need. In most cases, we can help you. If we cannot, we may be able to recommend someone who can.

Ornelas & Morris CPAs, PC always have their clients best interest in mind. We truly listen to what your accounting goals  are and how we can help you achieve those goals. We don’t want you to run all over town to have your accounting/tax work prepared. For example, if you are thinking about incorporating but not quite sure, we can help you to decide by giving you the information you would need to make a sound decision. Once we talk it through, if you want to be a corporation, we can file the necessary documents for you. Once accepted, we can continue with filing all the state documents.

In summary, Ornelas & Morris, CPAs, PC is a respected accounting firm with years of experience.  You can find us in the Shadow Mountain Office Complex, 5840 S Memorial Dr., Suite 315, Tulsa, OK 74145. Our phone number is 918-665-6420 and our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8-5. Of course, during tax season, those hours will vary to meet our client’s schedule. There is covered parking available as well as outside parking. Parking in the back of the building will give you easier access to our office.  We hope to see you soon!