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This content was written for Ornelas & Morris CPA’s.

Are you looking for a new Tulsa CPA? Is it time for a change? Is your Tulsa CPA too busy for you? We can certainly help you with all of your accounting needs and we always have time for you. Ornelas & Morris CPAs, PC is a Tulsa accounting firm with thirty-five years of experience. Call us at 918-665-6420 for an appointment and let us get you back on track with all of your accounting needs.

Maybe customer service was an issue with your last Tulsa CPA. We pride ourselves on our customer service. We send reminders for your tax estimates, as one of the services we provide. Once you are a tax client, every year you will be sent a tax organizer which will have all of your previous year’s tax information in it. All you have to do for the present year is go through it and update the information that is in there and any new information you may have. If you don’t want to take the time to fill it out, just use it as a guideline to gather your present year tax information. Bring the tax information to us and we will do the rest. We want to make your tax experience a pleasant one.

We do offer a variety of services, in addition to tax preparation, such as monthly bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements, audits, reviews, estate planning, preparation of payroll taxes, to name a few. Do you want to file as a partnership, sole proprietor or do you even know? No worries, we can help you with that decision and any other questions you may have. We want to make this as easy as possible.

Some accounting firms do not want to take the time to set up your corporation. They would send you to an attorney which would be very expensive. We can incorporate you and take care of all the necessary paper work. After the state, then there are some federal forms, which again, we can do for you. In addition, we will discuss what type of corporation you should be. Any questions regarding all of this would be explained to you.

We are a small firm located in the 61st and Memorial area. We find location is a factor in choosing your CPA. We are in a great location with convenient parking in front or in the back of the building, close to the door, for your convenience. In addition to great customer service, we offer a variety of accounting services. You can call us for an appointment at 918-665-6420, Fax number 918-665-6422. Would you prefer to email? Our email address is ornelascpa@yahoo.com and our website is ornelasmorriscpa.com. Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8-5. However, during tax season, those hours can vary. We try and work with our client’s schedule if an appointment is needed outside of the normal working hours. So again, if you are in need of a new CPA, give Ornelas & Morris CPAs PC a try.